Establish complete process data, material flow and activity recordings for every product produced

Traceability and Genealogy

In regulated industries, for process data and events, material and people, activity traceability must be assured for all production phases or steps in order to comply with prescribed standards. This means that for each product, and for every process step, material flow, operation, worker, time and other important information is recorded. Consequently, products can be tracked from inputs to completion, or traced from completion to inputs. This allows companies to not only achieve regulatory compliance, but also gain the ability to analyze and improve the production process and end-product quality.

The MePIS solution set is comprised of solutions that help you establish full traceability and genealogy:

MePIS PDM – Process Data Management (Prepare advanced reports, gain a live production overview and analyze batch data)

MePIS MES – Manufacturing Execution System (Establish control over production processes and materials)

MePIS LB – Electronic Log Book (Track your GMP-relevant events in production)

MePIS GenCode – Serialization and Aggregation (Easily meet anti-counterfeiting and Track & Trace technical and regulatory requirements)