MePIS Energy
Energy Management

Monitor and optimize your energy consumption

MePIS Energy is advanced energy management software that enables efficient collection of energy consumption data and analyses for energy consumption optimization. It supports automatic and manual data inputs. With its rich set of functionalities, it allows advanced analyses with normalizations, calculations of specific consumption (per produced product) and others. Moreover, it is user-friendly and adjusted for different stakeholder groups (e.g. department manager, facility operator). What is more, it has a powerful reporting tool embedded in the software. All software functionalities can be exploited whenever, wherever, using your favorite device (computer, tablet or mobile).


Main MePIS Energy features:
  • Key performance indicators of energy efficiency
  • Weather-based normalization of measurements (degree day normalization)
  • Calculation of specific energy consumption regarding essential performance
  • Tools for consumption analysis and optimization
  • Automatic or manual data acquisition
  • Automatic transfer of data from e-invoices
  • Synoptic images and diagrams
  • Simple and timely comparison of energy use


Key MePIS Energy benefits:
  • Achieve a significant and permanent reduction in energy costs by using powerful analytics tools
  • Reduce environmental footprint by cutting greenhouse gas emissions
  • Improve (brand) sustainability image by publishing exact energy consumption data (e.g. per product made)
  • Meet the regulatory requirements of the Energy Act and the requirements for obtaining a certificate under ISO 50001: Energy Management Systems
  • Easily generate necessary regulatory and other reporting


Atlantic Grupa / Droga Kolinska, Ministry of justice - RS, UKC Ljubljana, Thermana