Operational Excellence

Exploit your production data for increased productivity

MePIS OPEX is a cutting-edge software solution that forms the basis for improvements in production productivity. It enables users to uncover and address hidden losses in production. Moreover, it enables instant communication among key stakeholders about events in production, which translates into shorter reaction times and improved cooperation.

MePIS OPEX provides deep insight into the operations of production lines through automatic measurement, evaluation and classification of downtimes; calculation of key production KPIs; preparation of configurable reports and displays; and analysis of results.

It gives users greater transparency over their production processes and provides a better understanding of the loss drivers. It also allows the application of standard metrics based on OEE and TPM methodologies. All of the above can be performed whenever, wherever, using your favorite device (computer, tablet or mobile).


Main MePIS OPEX features:
  • Automatic downtime detection based on real-time data from manufacturing equipment
  • Detailed overview of current and historical events at production lines
  • 19 key production KPIs for operational and strategic analyses
  • Advanced analytics with multi-correlations through OLAP based on reliable live and historic electronic data
  • Identification of critical areas and quantification of losses
  • Informing and alarming of key users (including maintenance personnel)
  • Generation of customized reports
  • Flexible downtime classification system
  • Intuitively useful for line operators (inputs) and management (overview)


Key MePIS OPEX benefits:
  • Gain deep insight into your production processes – understand process drivers and uncover hidden losses with the help of 19 production KPIs
  • Swiftly react to anomalies in production and minimize downtime
  • Optimize production processes through analyses of (historic) productivity loss factors
  • Eliminate time-consuming paperwork and often unclear paper-based logs
  • Provide instant feedback to line workers and motivate them
  • Improve cooperation between different departments (e.g. operations, maintenance)