Clear insight into processes is the foundation for improvements

Process Visibility

What is not measured, cannot be improved. To establish the basis for analyses and consequential improvement measures, adequate data must be collected from the processes and properly stored. With the rapidly decreasing costs of data acquisition and connectivity, we can collect much more data from the production than ever before and in much more efficient way. Once the data is recorded, it needs to be stored in the right, contextualized, form and accessible to any application (stored once, exploited multiple times). Then, with proper applications, it can be analyzed and insights into processes developed -- the key for improvements.

Looking ahead, orderly production data infrastructure offers a foundation for building predictive analytics and decision support applications. It allows for building advanced machine learning models of manufacturing processes, which in turn will enable a wide range of intelligent applications (e.g. decision support for operations and planning, simulation of what-if scenarios, automating KPI monitoring and improvement suggestion formulation).

MePIS solution set offers the optimal basis for establishment of process visibility:

MePIS RM – Recipe Management (Centrally manage production recipe parameters and the full recipe life-cycle process)

MePIS PDM – Process Data Management (Prepare advanced reports, gain a live production overview and analyze batch data)

MePIS OPEX – Operational Excellence (Exploit your production data for increased productivity)

MePIS MES – Manufacturing Execution System (Establish control over production processes and materials)

MePIS LB – Electronic Log Book (Track your GMP-relevant events in production)

MePIS Energy – Energy Management (Monitor and optimize your energy consumption)