Electronic Log Book

Track your GMP-relevant events in production

MePIS LB enables you to store and track all GMP-relevant production events in one central location, in electronic form. It provides efficient event logging through a combination of automatic and manual inputs, with electronic signatures and complete workflow life cycle. It provides a full audit trail and an intuitive overview of the relevant events. MePIS LB is also the basis for analyses and (regulatory) reports. All of the above can be performed whenever, wherever, using your favorite device (computer, tablet or mobile).


Main MePIS LB features:
  • Electronic logging of production events in chronological order
  • Automatic and manual inputs allowed
  • User-friendly application to minimize the required time for event-logging
  • Electronic signatures and full audit trail
  • Role-based authorizations
  • Changing and approving logbook status workflow
  • Complete data integrity – no data changes after log book confirmation
user-interface-of-mepis-lb-software-solution-for-Electronic log-book-audit-trail-and-GMP-compliance


Key MePIS LB benefits:
  • Improve efficiency through automatic event logging, while retaining flexibility with manual inputs
  • Reduce the potential for (human) mistakes
  • Obtain a comprehensive overview of all events in production by storing data from various sources stored in a central location
  • Analyze the event data and develop further improvement initiatives
  • Generate configurable reports in a fast and efficient manner
  • Increase production transparency and gain the ability to react swiftly and properly
  • Improve data integrity and GMP compliance (CFR 11)