Process Data Management

Prepare advanced reports, gain a live production overview and analyze batch data

MePIS PDM is an advanced software solution for managing and analyzing process data. It allows you to compare time-series data with events, compare batches and produce advanced reports for better understanding of processes and detection of quality deviations. MePIS PDM supports the creation of custom production report approval workflow and has an embedded full audit trail. It is the cornerstone for comprehensive production analyses and for data integrity in regulated industries.

MePIS PDM also provides a real-time overview of equipment status and enables quicker reaction times in production for minimal downtime. The overview or analyses can be done whenever, wherever, using your favorite device (computer, tablet or mobile).


Main MePIS PDM features:
  • Overview of time-series data with events
  • Environment for batch analyses and comparison (e.g. golden batch)
  • Advanced report generation
  • Configurable production report approval workflow, storage, and versioning
  • Audit trail analysis and review
  • User-friendly visualization and analyses tools
  • Real-time device status and alarm overview


Key MePIS PDM benefits:
  • Easy comparisons of different process parameters and search for optimal set (golden batch)
  • Faster reaction to potential problems and critical alarms
  • Rapid data export for analysis and data mining
  • Full flexibility for custom report generation and approval workflow setup
  • Increased transparency of production data due to audit trail
  • Easier data archives management


Lek / Sandoz / Novartis, Telekom Slovenije,
Dravske Elektrarne Maribor Power Plant, JP Energetika Ljubljana Power Plant