Increase production efficiency and reduce production costs to boost profitability

Production Efficiency and Cost Optimization

Once clear insights into processes are established, the processes can be optimized and savings achieved. Production IT solutions can enable process optimization in 2 ways -- with immediate process improvements upon introduction or with analyses-based process improvements derived from process data after introduction. As a result, processes are streamlined, production costs reduced, production flexibility increased and regulatory requirements more easily met, which results in better financial results and greater competitiveness of the companies.

MePIS solution set enables full exploitation of production data for process optimization and efficiency increase:

MePIS RM – Recipe Management (Manage production equipment parameters and workflows centrally)

MePIS PDM – Process Data Management (Analyze batch data and prepare advanced reports)

MePIS OPEX – Operational Excellence (Exploit your production data for productivity increase)

MePIS MES – Manufacturing Execution System (Establish control over production processes and materials)

MePIS LB – Electronic Log Book (Track your GMP-relevant events in production)

MePIS Energy – Energy Management (Monitor and optimize your energy consumption)