Rapidly increase productivity

Atlantic Grupa

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Atlantic Grupa is one of the leading food companies in the region of South-East Europe. In its production sites across Europe, it produces high-quality food and beverage products (like Cedevita, Argeta, Cockta, Barcaffe and Donat MG) and sells them worldwide.


Competition in international consumer goods markets is fierce and to remain competitive companies must constantly innovate on all fronts, including operations. They are continuously looking for new ways on how to improve their production processes and uncover optimization potential, ensure higher process stability, increase efficiency and discover parameter intercorrelations. The basis for any process improvement is transparency and visibility of KPIs. To achieve it and to enable consequent improvements, Atlantic Grupa decided to implement MePIS OPEX system with which it tracks overall production productivity (through OEE) as well as 18 other operational and strategic production KPIs. In addition to in-depth insights in production processes, Atlantic demanded instant (financial) impact as a result of the project. That is why Metronik extended its core MePIS OPEX software with Operational and Technical Consulting, and ensured immediate productivity increase for Atlantic Grupa.


Given the project objectives, the solution was comprised from productivity measurement software MePIS OPEX and Operational and Technical Consulting for the design of improvement initiatives. With MePIS OPEX, Atlantic gained extensive set of operational KPIs that give it comprehensive overview of events in production as well as of the main loss factors. Moreover, the key information is distributed to all key stakeholders – from line workers to managers. The former get prompt feedback on their work, while the latter get real-time overview of production as well as basis for advanced analyses, which the tool also enables. With Operational and Technical Consulting, Atlantic gained a list of implementation-ready improvement measures for instant productivity increase. The measures are the result of multi-phased, joint-cooperation effort that is based on proven optimization methodologies (like Lean, Six Sigma).


Through implementation of MePIS OPEX and definition of improvement measures, Atlantic was able to quickly increase its productivity (OEE) and ensure fast project payback. With established production transparency, it also shortened reaction times, increased output quality and enhanced the general cooperation among different departments (e.g. operations and maintenance). Furthermore, with the installed system, the amount of paper-work drastically decreased and at the same time the accuracy of (automatic) inputs increased – crucial for all improvement analyses. What is more, as part of Operational and Technical Consulting, Atlantic teams were trained and equipped with the optimization techniques, which enables Atlantic to design further improvement measures on their own.